Making Tesla coil

First I wound the secondary on the PVC pipe with two-sided tape so the wire wouldn’t unwind. The whole winding is made by hand, I have a record for one in 3 days and for two in one week.

The number of windings is around 900 and thickness of the wire is 0.5 mm.

In the second picture there is the final product with the improvising primary winding and the second “receiver” coil.

Testing the coil with neon and 12V auto light bulb (last two pictures).

The effect of the Tesla coil on the plasma globe.

I was invited to demonstrate the experiments with my Tesla coils in Maribor.

Here are some pictures from that day:

A year later I was at the opening of the railroad from Murska sobota to Hoduš ( Hungary ) the event was in Murska sobota (Slovenia)

I custom made and soled one of the Tesla coils to center of experiments in Celovec (Austria).

The second Tesla coil is went to the center of experiments Maribor (Slovenia).

Now I’m working on new 3D printed primary coil stand.

New toys for the Tesla coil.